Style Inspiration - Daisy Gown

The Daisy gown by Rue De Seine is no doubt a stunner. It's a beautifully fitted gown without too much structure so it is still easy and comfortable to wear. The high neck emphasises it's classic style and the open back helps it to be modern.

I can picture this gown in a whole range of settings but below are some ways I would love to style it x

Daisy gown Rue De Seine

Makeup inspiration.

For the Daisy dress I picture very natural makeup to compliment the lace pattern. I see this gown at a rustic wedding so natural makeup would really suit.

Hair Inspiration

Because the back of this gown is too WOW to cover up I would have an up do. Probably with lots of braids and a bit messy, a bit like as if you slept in it the night before ;-)

Shoes Inspiration

I'm thinking Gold shoes with this dress, the colour of the lace would let you go for tan too.

Venue Inspiration

This part is easy for me ;-) Chapel Farm all the way! I had my wedding here and the people there are amazing. I didn't know about this gown when I got married but if I had I would have put it here for sure!

Cake Inspiration

Something rustic like this little gem from Verlena Cakes

Flowers Inspiration

This would depend on the time of year you are getting married, and I think that anything unstructured would go great with this look we're formulating here. There are some awesome florists that smash it in this style and below is a pic from Fremantle creative Botanica Naturalis.