Storm Chasers

A while ago (and I can't believe I haven't shared this lil gem sooner!) Alan McDonald Photographer, Ruby Tree Creative, Izzy Smithh and I headed out to the Freo coast line in search of the perfect spot to take some pics of the Rue De Seine gown Sadi during a mini break in a storm.

The clouds were so moody, the sand was so clean and the sea so blue that, as the sun started to set the perfect backdrop materialised.  And didn't Alan capture the most amazing pictures? I don't know how she knew what the sky was going to look like but Kate from Ruby Tree Creative had made 2 bouquets and a flower crown that complimented the scenery and brought it all together.

Izzy, our stunning model for the day, is perfect in the Sadi gown. As you can see this gown really does suit a tall and slim body shape and is perfect for a beach wedding. The beading on the shoulders is quite therapeutic applying a hint of weight to keep you relaxed during your big day. The classic pleats in the gown mean that there is just the right amount of flow to get those unique action shots without it taking over and getting in your way.

Enjoy the pics!