Truvelle Trunk Show

So PUMPED to announce that the Truvelle trunk show is taking place at the boutique from Wednesday 20th May through to Sunday 31st May!

This is your opportunity to see the amazing 2014 AND 2015 collections from the Canadian label Truvelle. I'm beyond excited to bring them to you :-)

So what is a trunk show? Well basically it's where all of the gowns in a designers collection are sent over for you lovely people to see. You can try them on, look super pretty and order them during the week. Once their time is up they are packed up and shipped on to the next lucky boutique to have their own show!

As you know Through The White Door carries a selection of gowns by Truvelle which is why we can have this amazing opportunity to home the rest of the collection for a short time.

The thing to remember with a trunk show though is that this is your opportunity to see the gowns in all their real life glory. So if you fall in love don't be afraid to say YES!!!! It's like Cinderella... there is a curfew and once the time is up they are gone. Whilst every gown at Through The White Door is amazing and beautiful we wouldn't want your gown to slip away to another state and that be it.

Here is a slide show of the gowns that will be here, have a look and if you like the look of them then book in :-)