Things to bring with you to your appointment

Nobody really tells you what you should bring to your bridal appointment so here is 4 things that will help you get the most out of your time at Through The White Door!


One of the things that people mite actually tell you before your appointment is that all gowns look different on you than on a hanger. So when you come in and start to look, if there is anything at all about a gown you see then you should give it a chance.

Try on different styles too. You may have your heart set on a style that may not be the best for your figure/style/venue etc. You may be scared of a certain style (ie strapless) but it may turn out to be the perfect match! Just don't rule anything out until you have tried it on... You never know!

2. Pictures/Inspiration boards

Don't be afraid to bring in your wedding file or show your pinterest boards. It helps everyone to really visualise the day you have planned and can keep everyone focused on the task at hand. It can be very easy for people (particularly your entourage) to get carried away and excited to get you to try on gowns that would just not work for the aesthetic you are going for and this can lead to confusion.

3. Shoes

It's really handy to bring in the shoes you want to wear if you have them already. Through The White Door carries an amazing range of Jakii shoes so we have you covered if you don't already have them!

4. Family/Friends

It's nice to share this experience with your loved ones! Just make sure though that whilst you appreciate their opinions they listen to YOU and offer their opinions when YOU ask for them.

Remember that this is your wedding day and ultimately you are the one that is wearing the gown. You will be the one whipping out the photo album and showing future grand kids you in your wedding dress. Stay true to yourself and you wont go wrong.

Pictures via pinterest