The inspiration for TTWD

I recently got the pictures back from the photographer for my own wedding and it prompted me  write a little post about what it was that made me decide to go down this crazy path opening a bridal shop..

Basically I had a really hard time finding my gown :-( I started with a google search of the standard 'Vintage wedding dress' and an array of images of Charlie Brear gowns came up and I was in love straight away with their 1920s gown. Only issue was.... it was all the way in the UK!

I tried to forget about it and searched everywhere for something similar but had no luck. I ended up buying one dress from a shop in the city.

Long story short we ended up going on holiday to Manchester and I had an appointment at a delightful boutique in Didsbury to try on the 1920s gown.... and it was perfect!

So I cancelled the order back in Perth and I got my dream dress!

I got married, had a lovely time, went on honeymoon, came back, decided to open a boutique!

You see the thing is that there are some amazing local vendors hiring out beautiful pieces, taking unique pictures, creating alternative wedding ceremonies and really thinking outside of the box but there is no bridal boutique to match. So this is what I am trying to do. Draw on inspiration from the wonderful experience I had during my appointment in Didsbury, surrounding myself with some legend creatives and curating beautiful gowns that you can't get in Perth. The gowns that compliment this fabulous direction that the current bride wants to head. If this bride is you then I really hope that you will find what you are looking for in the boutique, and if you think that there is a designer that I should stock please let me know!

Here's a picture of me and my legend husband Ryan back in March on our wedding day. The Photographer was Rebecca Mercia and we couldn't be happier with how the pictures turned out xx

Venue: Chapel Farm, Dress; Charlie Brear, Flowers; Prestige Petals, Ryans outfit; Roger David

Venue: Chapel Farm, Dress; Charlie Brear, Flowers; Prestige Petals, Ryans outfit; Roger David