Gown Lead Times

Did you know that sometimes it can take up to 6 months to have your gown made and delivered?! Crazy I know! When you really think about it though that's not too hard to imagine. For instance Truvelle is all the way in Canada and isn't a huge outfit and each of their gowns are hand made my the designer herself!

Some designers have set delivery dates throughout the year so this also can play a part in how long it will take to get your gown.

Here at TTWD we carry WA designer Kokum Designs. You can buy her dresses off the rack so if it happens to be your lucky day and you fall in love with her gowns, and they are your size, you could be walking out the door with your gown on the day you came in looking! And if not, we can always have a chat with her about making one up for you and some of her designs don't take long at all (I'm talking a matter of weeks here!)

If you do fall in love with a dress that may take a while longer to get here than you planned there is always an option to pay a fee to have the order rushed and get here on time for your big day.

So in summary I would say that it is never too early to start looking. You can make as many appointments as you like, try on all of the gowns in the boutique, anything you need to make sure that when you say 'This is the one!' we can order it in for you and have everything in and ready for when you need it.